Our beef has been aged in an authentic Himalayan salt chamber, built from bricks of salt, which concentrates the flavour of the meat to an intense degree and gives it a special tenderness.

The result is an exceptional and incomparable sensory steak experience.

Here at Cornucopia we’re raising the steaks to bring you the best quality Steaks around. Our Himalayan Salt Wall Fridge reduces excess moisture out of the meat through the chamber’s salty atmosphere. As a result, air humidity is lowered, and in turn, the meat conveys its moisture into the air.

The dry environment that our chamber produces promotes the desired chemical reactions to take place within the meat, tenderising the meat to provide a heightened level of succulence.

The Himalayan Salt Wall in our chamber creates a natural anti-microbial environment preventing bad bacterial growth.

Combine all this together and we are able to provide a truly exquisite flavour which can only be obtained by this process!